Technology and Room Setup

1) Equipment made available in each breakout session room:

- An LCD Projector and a projector screen

- Podium

- Podium microphone

- Speakers for voice and computer sound

2) Laptop—remember to bring your own

Presenters are required to bring your own laptop, if you plan on using one.

3) Double-check how to connect your laptop for projection

Do you know which button(s) to press to project your laptop screen...F8? F4? Does your computer have an input to connect to the projector (e.g., HDMI)? This likely will be very easy, but take a moment to be certain of the steps for projection before you come to the conference; in some cases, there is only 15 minutes to set up. Staff will be available to provide tech support and connect your laptop to the projector if you need assistance.

If you are a Mac user or only have USB ports on your machine, bring your own adapter if possible, as it might be necessary to ensure we can hook your laptop to the hotel's projectors (tech support should also have adapters, aka "dongles", but it always good to have a backup).  


4) Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties

In case of unexpected technical problems, be sure to save your presentation and any videos you plan to show in a backup location such as your laptop's hard drive or a USB flash drive. So if, for example, YouTube is not working, you can still show that 2-min video because you downloaded it ahead of time. While there will be technical assistance available for equipment problems, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.


5) There will be wireless internet in all rooms

Internet will be available in all breakout rooms and we have been assured by the hotel that there should readily be enough bandwidth for light/medium usage (e.g., showing a YouTube video or conducting a Poll Everywhere poll). However, be aware internet at a hotel is not the same as internet at a university/college—the latter is more robust and consistent, as a typical university/college invests in their network at a higher level than a typical hotel.

Thus, we still strongly recommend presenters be prepared in case there is unexpectedly an issue with the internet (see #4 above!) so all goes as smoothly as possible for your session.  

6) Session materials will be posted by the end of May on the conference website

We strongly encourage you to make your presentation materials (e.g., pptx or pdf files; any web links) available on the conference site by emailing the materials, *after* the conference, to You are also free to post your materials on your institution's site (e.g., an institutional depository).

7) Room setup 

Presentation sessions will typically have "theater" style seating; all interactive workshop sessions will have "banquet" style seating with large round tables. Each presenter should receive info, via email, on their exact room assignment about 1-2 weeks ahead of the conference.

Also, at least one breakout session room will be available from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday if you would like to review the hotel's A/V equipment. This is NOT required; it is just an option for those who are interested.  

8) Wall use in breakout session rooms

LOEX will be held liable for any damage to the hotel facilities, so if you plan on attaching anything to the walls, make sure to not use push pins, tacks or any tape that would leave marks.

Access to a printer, copier, scanner in hotel is very limited

This hotel does not have a FedEx Office or similar located on the premises or one within walking distance. There is a small "business center" in the hotel, but that is more for printing boarding passes or similar small jobs. So if you plan on printing or copying anything, please plan accordingly.