A photo of Margaret Fink, a white woman with long light brown and gray hair and a black top. She is smiling and sits in front of a blurred background with low white bookcases and a four pink and red paintings of Chicago area disabled women of color, a portrait series called Crip Paint Power by Genevieve Ramos.

Dr. Margaret Fink (she/her) works at the University of Illinois Chicago as the director of the Disability Cultural Center (DCC). As one of the first centers of its kind, the DCC is devoted to building disability community, exploring interlocking social justice issues, and dreaming more accessible futures. Dr. Fink's background is in cultural studies and supporting teachers of writing. She’s written about comics, disability, and ordinariness; generating culture through practices; and transformational access in professional spaces. She’s taught courses on college instruction, writing instruction, and disability representation in various arenas, including reality TV, American literature, Shakespeare, and most recently, contemporary media made by and with disabled creators.