Presenter Information

How and when will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?

  • Breakout Session proposal submitters will be notified by email by January 17, 2022.
  • Poster session proposal submitters will be notified by email by February 16, 2022.

I am a presenter; do I have to register?

Yes. Although spots for up to three presenters per group will be automatically saved for the conference, each individual presenter needs to fill in a short online registration form (sent via email to the presentation's primary contact). Completion of the online form gives us your preferences regarding the Thursday reception, dietary selections, and any special needs. All presenters are required to pay registration in full by Monday, April 11, 2022. Failure to pay the registration fee could result in the cancellation of your presentation and conference registration. All presenters are responsible for paying their own travel and lodging expenses.

Whom should I contact regarding proposal or presenter questions?

Amanda Nichols Hess at

What are the proceedings guidelines?

The proceedings guidelines for 2022 will be posted in early 2022.

What technology and equipment will be available for presenters?

Presenters are required to bring their own laptop computer. Projectors, mics and speakers will be available in all breakout rooms. Internet for presenters will also be available in all rooms, but if you plan on having attendees use the wi-fi (e.g., Poll Everywhere), please contact us.

Additional information, including best practices and specifics about your particular breakout room (e.g., capacity; layout) will be posted in early 2022. 

Will attendees be able to evaluate my session? Will I get that feedback?

Yes and yes.

A short form will be created for each session, and handed out by each session's volunteer LOEX room coordinator at the beginning of each session; the LOEX volunteer will then collect filled out forms at the end of each session. The LOEX Director will take those forms, collate them, and mail them to the lead presenter in each group later in May / June.

Can I have my session materials posted somewhere on the LOEX site so attendees & others can view them later?

Yes. All presenters have to the option to send in their session materials (e.g., slides, handouts) after LOEX 2022 for posting on the conference website. You will receive an email after the conference with instructions on how to do this.